The new Cellon TV Olli set-to boxes have been moving very well, and we had to get another shipment of these boxes. The Olli is 100% compatible with the Nova 2 platform.

Buying New?

If you would like to purchase a new Olli set-top box, visit our STORE!


Want to trade-in and Upgrade?

If you already have a set-top box and would like to upgrade to an Olli box,
please reply to this email and with the make and model of your box, and the approximate month and year it was purchased.

Call: 1-866-777-2411 ex. 1

Accepted Set-top Boxes (we will accept no other box than what’s listed below):

  • Mag 254
  • Mag 256
  • Avov TV Online + (red)
  • Avov TV Online Silver Edition (turquoise)
  • Avov TV Online 4 (black with red trim)

How the trade-in will work

Trade-in your box and get the new Olli set-top box for $110.
We will migrate your service to the new box as is, and also give you a free month of service with Nova 2.
At the end of the month your Nova 2 service will end and you can choose to stay with your current service, or move to Nova 2.