The Sleek and Powerful
Olli Set-top Box


Live TV Prime renews at $20 month to month for service support

  • 4K Video capable, Live streaming
  • Bluetooth 5.0, Built-in WiFi
  • Quad-core
  • Remote troubleshooting

Support Service Subscription

Each subscription covers live customer support, email support,
remote troubleshooting, and access to on board apps and streaming content.

3 Months
3 Months support service
$60 CAD
6 Months
+ 1 FREE Month = 7 months
$ 120 CAD
12 Months
+ 2 FREE Months = 14 months
$240 CAD

Take back control of your home entertainment experience!

Be a part of our growing number of customers from the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, and beyond!

Welcome to ProtoImage

Providing premium content streaming services, set-top boxes, and other digital equipment. Enjoy the freedom of watching HD content, from on-demand movies, TV shows, live streaming, gaming and more.


Control Your Entertainment Experience
A sleek, bold, powerful 4K set-top box, charged with many useful apps and programs to enhance your entertainment experience.

Great Content Selection
Watch thousands of on-demand HD movies, TV shows, many live streaming channels from around the world, all served through various apps and on board features.

Basic Requirements

Before you purchase our service, be sure to review these basic requirements.

Internet Speed

Connect box to internet modem: 20 Mbps minimum
Connect box to internet via Wifi: 150 Mbps or more.

Television / Monitor

Televisions or monitors should be HDMI compatible.
CRT TVs will require a HDMI (input) to AV (output) converter.

Set-top Box

Visit our store page to purchase a set-top box that works best with our system. Be sure to confirm your internet speed is fit for our service.

Trade-in & Trade-up

Trade in your old set-top box and upgrade to the New Olli Set-top Box!

Get Started!

What are you waiting for? Don't get stuck in long term contracts with your TV service provider. With us, there are no contracts and no long term commitment, so you can cancel any time, free of charge. Select your preferred set-top media box, and get started today. GET STARTED